Change a'comin

Blame it on [Jack White][1], I guess, but I’m really into red right now. But red is a deep color. It represents change, which is what we need now. Red is revolution, and I wouldn’t oppose a bit of that. Red is a warning, so let the new design represent that.
Other things, too, long neglected. I finally put a permanent link to my design company. But that site is based on a design now two years old. Poor ancient thing. I finally put a link up to our wedding site; although, that’s just two months away. After the wedding? I plan a photo album for that link, but that may take two years to implement or discard.
I’m tuning her up, this website o’mine. I have plans. Big plans. And I’m sure in a few months, maybe a year or two, I’ll have completed at least 2% of them.