2 thoughts on “The score so far

  1. I hadn’t heard about this Red Fusion before so I went to drpepper.com to check out some info on it (twice the caffeine huh?). Man! That has to be one of the worst (or best) examples of a web site going so overboard to be hip, cool, phat, or whatever the right term is nowadays. I love the 80’s feel to the graffiti theme. And of course, there’s no real information. I’d love to know who decided on the site design and dialog. I have a sneaking suspicion they weren’t anywhere near being part of the target audience they tried so hard to be down wit.

  2. I completely agree with you about the total lack of info on the Dr. Pepper web page. Style has obviously won the war against substance, and, as you noted, there ain’t that much style involved either. As for the caffeine, I am only assuming as much because of 1) my reaction, and 2) this is targeting the same audience as Mountain Dew’s Code Red, which, like regular Mountain Dew, ahs about twice the caffeine of regular cola. I could be mistaken. Possibly the refreshingly crisp berry flavor made me dizzy with delight, but I’m going to stick to my caffeine theory.

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