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Earth’s Elements

I look into the sky to see malice grey.
The clouds begin to roll in, on what was a beautiful day.
The thunder begins to roar, like a Lion in hunger.
The lightning strikes to the ground, to travel under.
Mother Nature yells in anger and fear.
Please take care of me, please hold me dear!
You rape my soul.
You poison my skin.
You destroy my growth.
You end what I begin.
You go through your life, assuming I will provide.
Yet you are killing me… I am going to die.
Look around you.
Listen to your heart.
I am your Mother, Nature.
I am with you, not apart.
Stop fighting me and denying that I’m here.
I do not want to yell, or cause you fear.
I am here to grow with you and show you light.
I am here to warm your day and cool your night.
I am here to give you the beauty of life.
The beauty of life, is what I give.
Please… stop destroying me.
Allow me to live.