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For, Jason

Hello my brother, how have you been?
Are enjoying the other side… is it truly a heaven?
I ask this because I miss you so.
I don’t understand why God needed you to go.
I wish I could sit with you and tell you my fears.
I wish we could go out together and truly be near.
I feel vacant and empty inside.
I need you here, to be a part of my life.
To be a part of the physical world, you see.
To see Mom and Dad, and be with the family.
To experience the feelings of the sunlight above.
To experience my devotion for you, and all of my love.
To experience and share the bond of twins.
The bond we were born with, the tie within.
These are my words to you.
I’m sorry to be sad, but they are true.
I miss you brother.
I want you here.
I want you by my side.
I want to hear.
To hear your thoughts and impressions.
To hear your laughter and see your expressions.
Am I asking too much?
Am I wrong?
Wrong for questioning God?
Wrong for continuing on?
I’m sorry for missing you so much.
I’m sorry for wishing you could feel the lives that I touch.
I just love you with all of my heart.
I guess my physical side, feels you’re apart.
Though you are in my thoughts.
In my soul.
In my life.
Helping me grow.
I do thank you for your guidance and love.
I thank you for your light from above.
Thank you for being you.
For being my brother… being true.
I guess it’s time for me to say goodnight.
Maybe I’ll see you in a dream or an illusionary flight.
I love you brother.
I’ll see you soon.
Until then… know I’ll be thinking of you.