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Noxious Siege

As I walk through trees along Central Park.
I notice a small creature peering at me from the dark.
The sun is slowly beginning to set.
As he waits and watches to where I head.
Demon of the day, awaiting the night.
Creature who fears the sun and morning light.
My blood flows fast as my pace increases.
His fangs protrude as he searches my weakness.
Strong and evil, his eyes stone cold.
Shall I approach him and be so bold?
His eyes begin to glow as the night turns black.
I can feel him creeping out, as the hairs rise on my back.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
This vampire prepares to take me alive.
I turn around to witness his starvation.
I walk towards him, feeling temptation.
This powerful creature approaches my lips.
As I forget myself and allow him a kiss.
He kisses me hard and sinks to my neck.
I feel my blood flow out as my eyes wept.
He pulls me in, so close and tight.
As his dark beauty, takes hold of my life.
I feel my heart, as it falls into slumber.
My body goes limp, as my mind gets number.
My death arrives as daylight awaits.
The creature of the night begins to pull away.
As he crawls back into his lonely hide.
I let my body fall, and close my eyes.