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Living on nothing’s edge, listlessly yearning.
Yearning for something.
Wishing for no more of nothing.
Dreaming to no longer be one.
Imagining a connection with some one.
Someone who will laugh and cry with me.
Someone who will truly live life and be free.
Someone who will be my lover and friend.
Someone who will not question, where I begin and where I end.
Someone who will express, not regress.
Express emotion and soul.
Express thoughts, with the desire to grow.
Express fantasy and fear.
Express a mutual need, to be near.
Express with me.
Returning the love that I give.
Returning the desire to live.
Together as two, but not apart.
Two souls sharing a mutual heart.
Living life.
Growing old.
Making love.
Sharing souls.
I continue to wait for someone.
So I am no longer, one.