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Warrior’s Path

The peaceful warrior travels through the still night.
Echoes of small and indifferent creature’s sing into his auditory senses.
Colors of midnight blue and forest green cover his sight.
Taking hold of his vision.
His steps crease into the earth, leaving sculptures of his human presence.
He approaches a watery abyss in the center of the ground.
Falling leaves and raining liquids form a canvas within.
Circles form… geometrical in shape and soulful in perfection.
Shapes of the moon begin to stroll along, turning the canvas into a performance of dance.

Dancer approaches stage.
Views a sea of faces…
they almost seem like still lifes.
The faces begin to change in form, differing in expressions of adore.
The wooden structure called stage, lights up as a summer storm.
Movements of hands in motion begin to create sounds of raindrops, roars of thunder.
Rotation of lower body swirls up, as the faces rise above the wooden structure called stage.
The dancer rolls her body of intense elaboration down, as her lips crease upward.
She lifts her auburn hair and powdered white face.
Her sight visions the wild and wondrous storm ahead of her, on her.
A reflective and clear liquid glides down the austere structure of her face.
Dancer begins to exit her uprising.
Leaving the wooden structure called stage…
to view the stars in the night-time sky.

“The Milky Wway is visible, look can’t you see?!”
“Oh, and there’s Saturn, see the rings wind around like an old record!”
“…And there’s the moon, craters deep, like the Grand Canyon.”
“…The North Star, light as day and pure as soul.”
“Mars is over there, the orange flare makes me think of a campfire on a cool, fall night!”
“See the clouds, gliding by…
masking so much of our solar system…”

Our vision is so limited.
Our vision is like time.
No real beginning or end.
Simply an abstract concept.

As the solar system dances among us,
so does the dancer on the wooden structure called stage,
as does the peaceful warrior…
on his path in the still and dark night.