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No More

On a cold, chilly evening, in December of the year.
An elderly woman awoke from her slumber, in a great state of fear.
She turned her head, to view the horror at her bedside.
She ducked below her sheets, an attempt to hide.
She realized there was nowhere to go.
When she hastily lowered her sheets, to view a dark glow.
The dark and mysterious figure stood before her.
She began to cry and weep, as her furry friend had a continuous purr.
Her eyes opened to view here fate.
The angel of death began to approach, as he does not wait.
Her time is up, her physical life is no longer.
She imagines her funeral, wondering who will mourn her.
She slowly sits up and feels her bones crackle.
She watches the entirety of her life, slowly unravel.
Before her eyes.
The clock approaches midnight.
Death is waiting no more.
It is time to go through the next door.
The angel of death has a schedule to keep.
He does not care of the sun, moon, or physical sleep.
Her time on this plane has officially come to an end.
It’s too late to catch-up on good-byes, or contact that long, lost friend.
No more sunshine, or wet rain.
No more pleasure, never again pain.
She looks up to view her destiny.
Realizing that life does not wait for her, for you, or for me.
She allows the darkness to take her hand.
She begins her journey to the next land.
She says good-bye to her worldly possessions.
She prays to her god, saying one last confession.
She follows her taker, into the long, dark corridor.
She leaves her earthly existence, she is no more.