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Your hum is so familiar to me now.
Your electrical impulses tickle me in a scientific manner,
that no human can perform.
Your images displayed are always in my deepest desires.
You cater to me in every way.
You have become my best friend, my lover, my psychologist.
You always listen to me so intently.
You never talk back…

You never talk back?!

You never offer advice.
You sit quiet and still.
You offer no solace.
You stare blankly at me.
You are colder than ice!
Your hum is monotone…

Why do I bother with you?!
Your hard exterior is motionless.
Your inner workings are programmed.
You cannot think on your own.
You rely on others to grow.
You are not my lover… you are the worst sex I ever had!
You are not my best friend, you don’t even hug me when I cry!
My psychologist?!
…I am better off paying for advice, at least I’ll get a Valium out of the deal!

I need to rest.
You need to leave.
Good night Hewlett!
I am shutting you down…
    RESTART is not an option!