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In View

As I sit.
I stare into the smoke-filled mirror.
Viewing grey clouds, changing shape.
A beautiful stranger walks into my direction.
He takes his seat on the alcohol-glazed wood.
Waits for the bartender, orders his poison.
He takes a sip of the dark and heavy concoction.
The song ‘People Are Strange’ echoes on the radio.
I imagine Jim… he’s in his leathers.

My eyes stare farther off into imagery.
The beautiful stranger looks over to observe me.
He slightly smiles, then begins to stare.
Into my eyes.
Into my soul.
Through my heart.
I can feel my blood flow…

I suddenly feel awkward.
Though my clothing is heavy, to warm my frigid skin.
He continues to stare.
Looking through my door.
The door that I had closed tight.
Yet, somehow he can see.
I am bare to this beautiful stranger.

I feel my insides awake to movement.
He does not speak, though he does to me.
Directly, without vocalization.
I began to feel uneasy, as my core is exposed.
My mask is off.
My soul is in view.
I begin to panic…

No one is allowed to see me!
No one has access to my hearts key!
Who I am is not your concern!
Beautiful stranger, please stop staring!
Leave and turn!
Look the other way!
I have no interest in your silent play!
My soul is not yours…
  to see,
    to touch,
      to feel,
No! Let me conceal!
Let me hide!
I do not want to be exposed… for fear my heart will die.

My mask is on.
My mask is real.
My insides are inside.
My soul I cannot feel.
Leave me be.
Leave me here.
Go on beautiful stranger, drink your whiskey.
Allow me to stay in my minds own fantasy.

I arise from my seat, taking one more swig.
The beautiful stranger sadly looks away from me.
I start to run outside of the door.
Destination unknown, no where near, only far!
I sprint into the deep shadows of the night.
I breathe the cool air as my lungs put up a fight.

I find a hideaway and crawl into a dark and small space…
I tuck my head into my knees, let my mind discover a new place…
I say good-bye to my frail and broken soul…
As I close my eyes and watch reality unfold…