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A Toast

Raise High Your Glasses
And Higher Your Voices
Join Me In A Toast
To A Lifetime Before Us

To Times Long Past
And Not Yet Come
To Friends We Once Knew
That Now Could Not Join Us

Life Is Short For Mortal Men
But Can Be Full And Joyous
Slay Dragons Of Fear
And Grasp Rings Of Power

Stand Tall In The Face Of
The Hordes That Abhor Us
Laugh Hard And Laugh Loud
In The Face Of Madness

This Is Our Time
So Don’t Live It In Sadness
Leave A Mark On The Earth
As The Legends Before Us

Now Is The Age Of Wondrous Stories
And All You Must Do Is Believe It
Dark Towers May Shadow You
And Seem All But Ominous

But Remember That Castles
Crumble In Time
To Brave Men That Carry
A Word And A Rhyme

Weave Spells Of Virtue
In Prose And Example
And Your Legacy Will Be Assured
When The Reapers Long Arms Find You

A Toast To Those
That Have Gone Before Us
And A Bow To Those
That Inherit The Madness