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Heart of Stone

If I Were A Sculptor
I Would Carve You A Heart Of Stone
One That Could Still Beat
And Never Be Alone

With A Core Of Alabaster
You Could Stand Up To The Pounding
That Your Love Took
As You’ve Grown

The Waves Crash Ceaselessly
On The Rocks Upon The Shore
And Pull Little Pieces Of Debris
Back Into The Sea

And Still The Stones Stand Brave
Enduring As They Must
The Ravages Of Nature
As You Must To The Grave

But You Are Not A Rock
And Your Heart Is A Fragile Thing
Vulnerable When Exposed
To The Dangers Of The Tides

So Do You Lock Yourself Away
In An Ivory Watchtower
Safe And Alone, Scared To Feel
As You Watch Other People’s Dreams

Other Lovers Dramas
Played Out On A Stage
Of Other Peoples Lives
Distant And Removed

Now Weigh Your Options Carefully
On The One Hand Love
With All The Inherent Risks
Of Facing All Your Ghosts

On The Other Loneliness
And A Life Time Of Regret
Because The Fear Of A Broken Heart
Is More Than You Can Stand

If I Were A Sculptor
I Would Carve A Heart Of Stone For You
But I’m Not
So The One You’ve Got Will Have To Do