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Power in a Name

I Am The Wolf
That Has Stalked Mens Lives
Since The Dawn Of Time

I Am The Instinct
That Warned Primates
Of Impending Doom

I Am The Architect Of The Exodus
From The Garden Of Eden
Even That Was A Testament To Me

I Saw Knowledge Of Death As An Ally
And Therefore Bestowed It
That I Might Cultivate My Nature

The Animal Brain
Offers Little Solace
To One Such As Me

The More Complex The
Nature Of The Beast
The Easier To Mold Him

In Time Monuments
With A Myriad Of Faces
Were Erected To Me

Temples Bore My Mark
In The Form Of
Sacrificial Blood Stains

In Man I Found The Host
For Horrors Undreamed Of
On The Earthly Plains

Civilizations Rose And Fell
And Man Demonized
His Own Brother Time And Again

War Is A Tool To Further My Cause
And Hatred Is The
By Product Of My Disease

Ingrained Into His Nature
Man Nurtures My Seed
As A Matter Of Course

An Eternal Child
He Relies On My Guidance
And Welcomes My Addiction

Measured Out In Doses
I Can Keep A Stranglehold Forever
Fear Is My Name And I Need Your Devotion