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Born that Way

You Couldn’t See The Ocean For The Water It Contained
You Wouldn’t Feel The Lightning If It Struck You Where You Stand
Sometimes I Think You Wouldn’t Know If I Were Another Man

You’ve Got A Little Heart And A Little Mind
Everything About You Is So Goddamn Blind
I Want To Blame You For Everything Your Not
But You Can’t Get Water From A Stone

It Seems Amazing That You Live From Day To Day
With Your Eyes Closed And Your Mind Shut Down
You Wouldn’t Know Open Minded
If It Slapped You In The Face

When It Seems Like The Whole World Is Against You
It’s Time To Take A Long Hard Look In The Mirror
Maybe You Could Be A Little Kinder
And Try To Think Of Someone Else

Maybe You Could Say A Simple Word
Something Kind And Unpretentious
If You Could Look Beneath The Surface
You’ll Find A Man’s True Strength

Maybe It’s You That Caused Your Misery
And Not A Vast Conspiracy
We All Make Choices And Chose Our Destiny
But You Keep Acting Like You Were Born That Way