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MoonChild’s Lament

I Wandered Long Through Heavy Woods
Companioned By The Moon
Losing Count Of The Hours Lost
Since I Could Find The Path I Was On

Till The Sky Shone Bright
A Pale Blue Glow
For This Was Not The Light Of Sol
But Illumination That The Moon Did Sow

Reminding Me Of A Child’s Tale
Of The Fairy Queen Who Walks The Night
Ensnaring Men With Siren Eyes
Appealing To Their Primal Drive

By All Accounts A Beauty Rare
As Rose Petals On A Landscape Bare
With Ivory Skin And Emerald Eyes
The Strongest Man Falls Weak And Cries

When The Veil Is Thin She Wanders Forth
Courting Lovers On Mortal Soil
For Fairy Men Lack Lustful Ways
As Their Title So Implies

But By Whose Account Do I Rely
Besotted Men In Taverns Lie
Reflecting On Their Lives Gone By
Longing For A Magic Night

Still Others Talk Of Stolen Souls
Never Free Of The After Glow
Tethered Still To Twilight Lands
Where The Fairy Queen Seduced Them

If Not For Evidence By My Own Eyes
I Would Still Dismiss These Tales
But I Can Say Without A Doubt
That The Fairy Queen Is Not A Lie

She Floated Softly Through The Trees
At First I Thought A Trick Of Leaves
Closer She Flew On Wings Of Moonlight
And I Was Transfixed By Her Eminent Sight

My Heart Stopped Beating For Fear She Would Hear It
And Flutter Away As Quails From The Spear
But I Was The One Hunted This Night
As Soon Would Become Abundantly Clear

She Landed Before Me And Took My Hand
And Without A Word Spoken, My Love Became Bound
To A Creature So Lovely
She Could Not Be Contained On Earthly Ground

She Shimmered And Smiled A Seductive Grin
Her Body Seemed Willing To Dwell For A While
As Mine Began To Waiver
And Join Her In Exile

As Passing Through The Glow Of The Sun
I Was Blinded And Joyous
When I Open My Eyes I Stood Not On Earth
But In The Twilight Lands Before Us

Then Finally She Spoke As Songbirds In Morning
A Fluttering Voice Soft And Adoring
Forgive my transgression
But your world cannot endure us

My kind wreak havoc on mortal lands
Sometimes by choice
But often by chance
The chemistry of magic strands

Weave unseemly tapestries
On Earth’s fragile balance
Though men offer distractions
In moonlit dalliances

So I offer my love if only for now
Would you lay beside me
And share my desires
At least ’til morning light we see

I Stammered And Longed
To Find My Own Voice
That Would Not Sound
As A Growl To Her Song

Were I But A Dove In Search Of A Perch
I Would Be So Lucky As To Land On Your Window
But A Man That Is Chosen To Bask In Your Glory
Would Have To Be Crazy To Reject Your Pillow

But I Do My Lady Shame
My Manners Do Lack Flair
How Am I To Call You
One Who Is So Fair

Men have called me Moonchild
As you can plainly see
My kingdom dwells in moonlight
Forever it’s decreed

My Lady Speaks Of Passing
While I See Eternity
On Mighty Wings Of Love
We Can Rise Above And Fly

If Only You Could See
My Heart Does Yearn for Thee
As Waves Crash Endlessly
It’s Simply Meant To Be

Your valor is enticing
Man who walks the woods
But in truth you can not stay here
As I can not join you

Your nature is as fragile
As the land you would abandon
Though you seem strong and willful
You cannot defy the Wild’s bidding

So join me now and see the wonder
Of fairy lands not yet plundered
A puckish place full of sprites
That relish in blissful delights

And come tomorrow take your leave
With memories of love gave free
For I am bound to walk the night
While you must live in broad daylight

But If The Day Is Marked By Sun
Then Maybe Tomorrow Will Never Come
If By Some Chance Your Love Be Won
For I Cannot Live Apart From Thee

Oh mortal man how much you see
You have stumbled upon the key
My heart contains a mystery
That no man has ever seen

Unlock my love and you will be
Immortal and my king
A prince will come from our unity
If you have the will to court the queen

Many have sought Moonchild’s heart
And left here in tortured rapture
Falling short of my exalted standards
But you may prove of stronger stock

So I Submitted To The Rhapsody
But The Morning Never Came
I Found Myself In Heavy Woods
Where My Journey Once Began

Lost I Am Forever Mourning
This Life It Seems Is Pale And Boring
Compared To Loves’ Eternal Soaring
The Fairy Queen Leaves Scars Adorning

At Night I Sit And Watch The Moon
And Think About My Forlorn Muse
Her Heart She Claimed A Clever Ruse
Insisting She Did Not Have One

Five Hundred Years Have Come And Gone
Yet Still I Wait For Her Return
The Cars Fly By As If To Say
You’ve Lost Her Now; It’s Time To Move On