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The Most Dangerous Illusion

It Is Far Easier To Share Something
When It Is Not Coveted Or Hoarded

Water Gives Life And The Earth Drinks It Deep
Then Returns It As If It Were Weeping
And Man Grows As From A Seed
To Walk The World Ascended

Water Is The Blood In Life’s Veins
Yet Who Among You Would Not Share It Freely
Knowing That It Does Not Really Belong To Us
As If A Man Could Own The Rain

Such Is The Nature Of Love
Without It We Are Not The Proud Race Of Man
We Are Simply Animal Again

Living For The Conquest Of The Wild
Reduced To Simple Existence
As The Beast Must Kills Its Rival

But Long Ago We Divined A Greater Purpose
One That Goes Beyond The Confines Of Survival
Another Stage Of Consciousness
And The Means To Our Revival

Love Is The Tool Of Solidarity
That Unifies Our Rivals
To Be Nurtured As The Seed
Of All Our Future Dreams

To Be Shared By All
Or Else To Lose Its Meaning
Yet We Hoard This Priceless Feeling
As If It Were Ours To Trade In Greed

Its Power Overwhelms Us By Virtue Of Its Nature
But The Danger Is In Seeking To Posses What Is Free
Forgetting That It Belongs To All Humanity
Our Children Deserve A Future, Don’t You Agree

Love Is The Key To All Mans Ideology
There Has Never Been Peace And Understanding
But If This Is Not Our Goal Then History’s In Vain
And Our Legacy Is Only That Of Pain

The Illusion Is That Love Can Be Possessed
Perhaps The Confusion Is In That Love Can Be Shared
Because It Flows Through Us Like Air
All Around Us And Yet Not There