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I Can’t Say

She Wraps Her Arms Around Me
And Looks Into My Eyes
But Her Stare Is A Million Miles Away
I Have To Ask But Don’t Know How

She just Senses It And Answers
“I Can’t Say So Just Hold Me”

Her Omission Of Details Speaks Volumes
Her Silence, An Admission Of Guilt
Maybe It’s Ego, But I Press Further
Who Is He And Why Would You Do It?

She Looks Away Ashamed And Says
“It Wasn’t A Choice I Made
Sometimes You Just Fall In Love
Even With A Married Man
But Then You Make Your Choices
And Decide If You Can Live With It
Livin’ For The Brief Moments Of Affection
Hiding In The Shadows Of Shame
Hopin’ That Things Will Change”

But In The Meantime, I Say
You Look For Comfort In Another Mans Arms
I Don’t Like Being A Second Choice

Surprised By My Bruised Ego She Answers
“You Don’t Deserve To Be, No One Does
I’m Sorry For The Deception. Its Not My Intention
Sometimes I Think I Can Forget About Him
Sometimes I Try To Go On With My Life
But Then I Realize It’s All For Him
Everything I Do, The Attention And Rejection
All To Elicit A Response, Good Or Bad
This Thing Could Destroy Me
So I Make My Choices And Opt For Diversions
I Didn’t Expect To Find Someone Like You”

Someone Like Me, Huh, Well At Least That’s Something
Could I Win Enough Of Your Affection?
Could I Make You Forget About Him
For More Than Just A Moment?

She Whispers On The Verge Of Tears
“It’s To Hard To Think About
Let’s Live For The Moment, You And Me”

So I Make My Choice And Put Aside My Pride
And She Wraps Her Arms Around Me
And Looks Into My Eyes