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Dark Mood

I’m In A Dark Mood
Like A Veil Fell Over Me
Like I Just Walked Through A Ghost
Or The Devils Right Behind Me

Evil Comes In Disguises
That Wear You Like A Mask
When Life Throws You Garbage
You Sink Into The Trash

If You Dealt Me Aces
I’d Bet IT On The Wheel
I’m Just No Good At Gamblin’
And Life’s A losin’ Deal

I’m In A Dark Mood

There Seemed No Truth In Beauty
At Least None That I Could See
When I Was A Young Man
I Would Dream Of You And Me

Idealized And Quantified
Loved Seem More Attainable
But Just Beyond My Reach
Like The Mouse Inside A wheel

But With Years Comes Understanding
And The Bitterness Of Loss
As Life With No Sustainable
Inspiration As A Source

I’m In A Dark Mood

A Man That Has Been Beaten
Just Beyond His Sense
Of Dignity And Pride
Can’t Depend On Reason

Like A Knife Inside My Heart
Your Words Twist And Burn Me
My Life’s Not Worth It’s Weight
If You can’t Understand Me

I’d Hoped You’d See Me Clearly
I Gambled And I Lost
The Hearts A Hefty Wager
But Only Time Will Tell The Final Cost

I’m In A Dark Dark Mood