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Dying Inside

Sometimes I Feel
Like I’m Dying Inside
Withered And Black
The Disciple Of Lies

Sometimes I Even Feel Guilty
All Of Those Years
Wasted And Burned
Never To Rise From The Ashes

My Soul Tries To Cry
But It Can’t Find A Voice
May be It’s Run To Hide
Along With My Pride

If Only I Could
Turn Back The Tide
I’d Strive To Be Strong
A Pillar Of Strength And Virtue

All Of My Temples
Crumble With Time
The Walls That I Built
Are Paper And Grime

Love Is A Ruse Of Sly Contrivance
A Venomous Cry For Affection
Lust Is So Much More Intrinsic
And Closer To Mans Direction

Once I Had Walked
The Ethereal Void
On Gossamer Wings
In Infinite Form

Now It’s Beyond Me
A Man Once Again
With Torturous Glimpses
Of The Undying Lands

Sometimes I Think
That I’m Already Dead
Walking Around
With Ruinous Eyes

Sometimes I Know
That Life Is A Lie
Fleeting In Eternity
A Test Of Will And Virtue