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Birth of Stars

I Am Man
Poet And Destroyer
I Feel The Call Of The Wild
And I Hear The Echoes Of the Planets

And Here I Stand
On The Brink Of Enlightenment
Here I Look Upon The Truth Laid Bare
So Clear As To Be Blinding

Here On This Ledge Of Understanding
Where The Beast Meets The Spirit
I Must Choose Between
The Old And The Rare

I Could Be More Than Simple Impulse
I Could Live Inside The Mind
I could Teach My Heart To Reason
And Teach My Brain To Feel

In Compassion Lay The Ground Work
For A World More Fundamental
To The Prophecies Of Mad Men
That Preach Of Gods Kingdom

We Could Reach Beyond The Primal
And Be A The Harbinger’s Of Love
the Universe Straining Against
The Confines Of Survival

The Sum Of All Forces
Struggling To Find A New Purpose
One That Will Put Us In Control
Of The Rhythm Of Our Existence

I Am Man
The Culmination Of Creation
As Powerful As The Birth Of Stars
And As Weak As The Limitations Of My Own Heart