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Lucid Dreams

In Lucid Dreams
I Make The World
On Starlight Ships
With Sails Unfurled

The Universe My Sea
As I Sail To Distant Galaxies
My Friend I Beckon Thee
Take A Chance With Me

We’ll Travel The Astral Plains
In Search Of Riches
And Bring The Treasures
Back To This Reality

Heavens Gates Will Fall
Before Our Tempest
Angels Bow To Our Decisions
And Gods Will Praise Our Vision

For I Have Seen Nirvana
In The Eyes Of Dreamers
A Celestial Temple In Honor
Of The Potential Of Humanity

In My Dreams I Wear
Countless Faces
The Father Of Divinity &
The Traveler Between The Spaces

I Am At Once A Child
In A Garden At Play
And An Old Man
Who’s Life Has Slipped Away

I Stalk The Jungles Of Antiquity
Running Wild In This Place
And When I Leap A Fallen Tree
I Find Myself In Space

Floating Weightless Between Worlds
The Earth Left Far Behind
As I Reach Out To The Future
The Past Is In My Mind

Interwoven Through Reality
Is The Tapestry Of Time
We Are Not its Weavers
But The Players Intertwined

The Illusion Of Mortality
Is Lost In Sleeps Embrace
As Our Spirit Is Boundless
So Is Loves’ True Face