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Shallow Slate

One Moment You’re On The Edge
One Step And You’re Falling
Into A Sad Refrain
On The Other End Of Grace

A Dismal Place That Reels Of Failure
A Living Hell Of You’re Own Disgrace
The Road That Leads To Heartache
Is Paved With Shallow Slate

To Late I Saw The Signs
Of Our Loves True Fate
Like An Icarus With Wings Of Fire
Your Chances Have Flown

And In The Aftermath
Your Heart Has Shriveled
While Mine Has Grown
The Game Continues
But Now You Play Alone

Forfeiting Your Right
To Challenge My Position
By Extinguishing Our Light
With Fear Stained Inhibition

Giving Up On Love
Is Only One Condition
In A Long List
Of Failed Ambitions

Choosing To Embrace
The Emptiness Inside
Proving In Your Callousness
I Did Not Lie

I Can’t Make A Flower
From A Weed
Although I Always Try

And In The Aftermath
When I Consider All The Sides
I Can’t Help But Consider

All The Ways I Failed You