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Desperate Angel With Broken Wings
Proud Demon Triumphantly Sings
How Can One Woman
Be So Many Things

Dripping Sex And Oozing Life
With Sharp Witty Claws
She Rules The Night
Equal Parts Pleasure And Pain

She Cries For Affection
And Then Rejects It
Just For The Attention
Believing Her Own Deception

Men Are Mongrels In Her Wake
Sniffing the Air For Her Aroma
Fighting For Her Affections
Lapping Up Her Moist Persona

It’s Fair To Say
The Blame Is Shared
They Revel In The Play
The Men She Ensnares

Artist Inspired And Minstrels Compose
Odes To The Muse Of Their Soul
So Perfectly She Seems Suited
To The Archetypal Role

With The Potential Of A Masterpiece
A Sublime Apparition
Wrapped In Silken Canvas
And Strangled By Her Ambition

Companioned By Her Own Position
She Slinks Into The Bar Unbidden
Dead Inside Except For Vanity
Alone In Her Perdition

So The Canvas Is Left Raw
Never Realized Its Condition
And The Artist Tragic Flaw
Is That He Never Saw The Angels Horns