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I Live For Your Sweet Lies
I Drown In Your Lovely Eyes
Wading Into Ecstasy
Blinded By Passions Drive

My Heart Has Thorns
To Protect It From Intrusion
So Go On And Spin Your Fable
I’ll Go Along As Long As I’m Able

Our Lives Are Dabbled
With Pleasure And Joy
Brief Respites From Daily Chores
To Be Seized Or Else To Be Lost

So Lets Live For The Moment
Because That’s All We May Have
Lie To Me, We Don’t Have Long
I Know You’ll Soon Be Gone

My Heart Is An Open Road
Traveled By The Hope Of Souls
Lost In The Race For Loves Embrace
And Crossed By Life’s Cruel Fate

Tell Me You Love My Touch
The Sweet Caress Of My Rough Hands
Or The Way I Fit You Like A Glove
And The Way I Kiss You And Such

But Don’t Tell Me You Love Me
Because That Would Somehow
Shatter The Illusion
That We Conjured From Our Union

Tell Me This Will Last Forever
And I Will Close My Eyes
To Live Eternity In My Mind
Because I Know It’s A Lie