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When I Was A Little Boy
Didn’t I Believe I Could Fly
If Only I Tried Hard Enough
I Could Rise To The Sky

And Once There I Would See
The World In Perfect Clarity
The Evil And The Blind
All With The Power Of My Mind

Pursued With Blissful Enthusiasm
And Without Boundaries To Think Of
My Imagination Was As A Concrete
As The Myths That I Was Raised On

I Could Dive To Deep Atlantis
I Could Walk Upon The Moon
If Only I Tried Hard Enough
I Would Surely Reach It Soon

Landscapes Of The Heart And Mind
Defined My Understanding
Until I Met The Evil And The Blind
That Dash Ambition Wherever They Find

You Can’t Live On Sketches
There’s No Place For The Dreamer
Follow Us They Said
Or You’ll Be Alone Forever

So I Curbed My Imagination
And Walked The Straight And Narrow
In Time I Found Apathy It’s Own Drug
And I Lost My Sense Of Wonder

Now With No More Boyhood Schemes
I’ve Joined The Ranks Of The Lethargic
And They Offer This
In Compensation For My Dreams

In The Years Of Disillusionment
A Revelation Came To Me
That I Could Hold On To My Musings
And Make Them A Reality

Looking Back Sometimes You See
That Youth’s Ideas Were Not So Naive
Just Uncluttered Ideology
Mindscapes Just As Real